The Ultimate Christmas Planner

The sanity-saver you've been waiting for....


Are you thinking that "this year will be different" - but aren't sure exactly how to make that happen?

  • no more getting to December and still having a HUGE TO DO list that you have to rush around to try and complete...
  • no more getting to January having overspent, feeling drained, and wondering where the time went...
  • no more feeling you could have done things better....

Achieve a Christmas that you can enjoy because you're not burned out by the time you get to it, with the Ultimate Christmas Planner: -

Please note - If you want to have the added benefits of help and support during your Christmas Planning, you may want to check out Christmas: Sorted! instead of just the planner. It includes the planner but ALSO gives you access to a private Facebook group for tips and inspiration AND weekly emails for motivations and to keep you on track.



I get it.

Time is short. Life is busy.

... and Christmas adds a completely extra level to it all.

How on earth are we meant to get it all done?

Years ago, when I started hosting friends and family at my home over Christmas, I wanted to be the perfect host. I tried to create loads of gorgeous food, have a beautifully decorated home that was welcoming, create special memories and much much more.

... and it was exhausting!

I didn't know what to do to get the balance right.

What needed to be done and how to do it so I didn't need a holiday AFTER the holidays!

It was time to get sorted.

That's when I started to create my Christmas Planner - and it's been a game-changer in my life, so I want to share it with you right now so it can change yours too.

It's the result of many years experience - and is my sanity-saver in the lead up to Christmas - I wouldn't be without it now.

And you too can enjoy the freedom it allows you...

  • you CAN have a great Christmas without the stress
  • you CAN actually enjoy the planning process

One of the bits I love the most is that you can RE-USE the planner again and again. As it's all undated, it's meant to be created and added to each year, so you get all the benefits of making things quicker and easier year after year!



By the time Christmas comes, you'll: -

  • Have posted all the cards and presents with plenty of time to spare - having missed no-one
  • Have your home prepared for Christmas - decorated and ready for guests
  • Know you've got all the right food and drink that you will need over Christmas and the New year
  • Be able to go to all the parties and events you wanted to - because you have time, and your diary is sorted
  • Be able to relax and enjoy your time

And when Christmas is over, you'll: -

  • Have a place to note down everything that worked and didn't work - to save time next year
  • Have a list of things you will need for next Christmas - so you can grab it cheaper in the sales
  • Have a place to write down all the thank you's - AND a template for the kids to use to make it even easier

AND ..... have loved the holidays, and be excited for next year already! :o)



Click on the video for a quick overview....

  • There are a massive 102 pages of gorgeous printables (pdf format) - for EVERYTHING you need to plan like a pro

This planner has been carefully thought out to ensure you get exactly what you need to make it your own: -

  • All printables are black and white - so you can personalise with your own coloured pens and stickers, or leave simple and classic. You can make them match your style and decor easily.
  • A4 and Letter sizes are given - Standard UK and US paper sizes
  • If you prefer your week to start on a Sunday OR a Monday - no problem - both versions of printables are given as well.
  • It has been created to be printed on both sides of the paper (duplex) but you can still use each printable on it's own of course (if you wanted to hang one on the wall, for example). You can also print off whichever pages you would like at any time - once it's yours, you can use as you want to.

TIP - I love to hang some of the pages on clipboards or in frames in my kitchen - specifically the monthly planners and the quotes pages - as they are great to glance at and look lovely!

The pages you get are as follows: -

  • CATEGORY PAGES (so you can add sections to your folder easily)
  • MONTHLY PLANNERS - 1 page per month - Perfect to hang up on the wall or keep in your planner. I also give you both Monday and Sunday start options.

  • CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN CHECKLISTS - Pre-filled with everything you need to do in the run up to Christmas - or blank to fill your own in (one for each month, and an extra one for the crazy time during Christmas itself!)
  • USEFUL INFO AND DATES - For things like school nativity, when the town lights are switched on etc...
  • TO DO LIST - every planner needs a general TO DO list to write down all those little jobs and extras!

  • OUR TRADITIONS - keep everything written down in one place
  • CHRISTMAS BUDGET - make sure you know what you are spending so you don't get caught out with bills after Christmas has been and gone
  • HOW WILL WE PAY FOR CHRISTMAS? - work out where you are in terms of what you have to spend, and what you actually have
  • HOME PLAN - Having guests / a party / general Christmas stuff? - This is the place to think about what your home will need to be ready for it all.
  • DECORATIONS PLAN - Write down your plan, where things are, your theme/colours etc....
  • PARTY PLANNING CHECKLIST - useful place to add all the notes for any parties you are holding
  • DECLUTTERING & CLEANING CHECKLIST - get your home sorted with ease, and keep track of what needs doing
  • TO BUY FOR THE HOME - LIST - Blank with categories ready prepared for writing all the general things you need to get, and pre filled to give you some extra help!
  • WISH LIST - Somewhere that the family can write down what they'd love for gifts, and what they'd love to do over Christmas - really useful when you get asked what people want, or are planning things to do
  • LETTER TO SANTA - A cute letter that just needs a few extra additions to make it your childs own

  • GIFT IDEAS LIST - Brainstorm what you will be buying
  • GIFT LIST - The place to write who you need to buy for, what you buy, and whether it's all been wrapped and delivered - your gift shopping list
  • CHRISTMAS CARD LISTS - A general one and ones that are split up into those you need to post (with and without presents) and those to hand deliver
  • THANK YOU LIST - When you open presents, why not write your list of who got what for whom - makes writing thank you's easy!
  • THANK YOU CARD TEMPLATE - Just print off and let your children fill in the blanks - makes writing cards easier - especially if they have a few to do
  • MEAL PLAN - Weekly (Monday and Sunday start), MEAL PLAN - Day, and MENU PLAN for any bigger meals (such as Christmas Dinner)
  • RECIPE TEMPLATE - A page for writing favourite recipes that you use over the holidays
  • FOOD SHOPPING LISTS - Everything you need to buy for all the meals you are preparing over the holidays - all in one place
  • TIMELINE FOR CHRISTMAS DINNER - work out all the timings and write down when you will eat by - then it's just a case of following the plan and enjoying the day!
  • LIST FOR NEXT CHRISTMAS - Once Christmas is over, you can write down things you loved, things you didn't - and anything else you want to remember for next year - including anything that needs replacing or anything you wish you had done.
  • SALES SHOPPING LIST - Sales are the best time to get Christmas items for next year - so you will be super organised when it comes around again!
  • QUOTES - 3 lovely quote printables that you can use as dividers in the planner, or (as I do) hang them on the wall


" Hello Chrissy - I just wanted to say 'thank you' for the Christmas Planner. It's beyond valuable - the astonishing amount of organising lists is so helpful and I've already started planning my most organised Christmas ever! I'm really looking forward to the coming weeks now - I feel like I am on top of everything, I've worked out my budgets and there will be no last minute panics or stress. Thanks again - I'm really delighted with the purchase!" - From "J" via email



Creator of this product...

Chrissy Halton
Chrissy Halton

Hi! - I'm Chrissy and I help people learn to simplify life at home through my blog (OrganiseMyHouse.com), Printables and Courses.

I have always had a passion for making the most out of homes, and in 2005 I took the plunge and started working for myself as a professional organiser and home stylist.

Wanting to reach as many people as possible with tips and advice, I started blogging in 2011. My blog is a place where I share everything I've learned over the years, and I'm so pleased that I've been able to help tens of thousands of people along the way. Nothing could be more rewarding!

Writing step by step eBooks and courses, and creating planners that really work, is my way of helping you in much greater detail than a blog would allow. In fact, it's the next best thing to hiring me as a professional into your home. The aim is to take you step by step through the process - so you succeed - and I can't wait to start the journey with you...

Frequently Asked Questions

What format does the planner come in?
This is a digital planner, and no physical product will be sent to you. This means you get immediate access - and you simply download, print off, and use as you like. Easy! NOTE: The planner comes in pdf format and you simply need a pdf reader (such as adobe acrobat reader) to open it which has usually already been installed on most devices.
How will I get the Planner?
When you have paid for the Planner you will be sent an email with details of your order, and you'll also be taken to the page linking to the Planner. This link will take you to the planner area, where you'll see sections for each file available. Simply pick the format of the planner you want to download, and click OPEN. Underneath the viewable file there is a download link for you to save to your computer.
How do I print the planner?
The planner is formatted to print out on both sides of the paper (duplex) - and most printers now have this function so you can just set that up and print it off in one go. If you want specific pages only, then I have included printing help so you know what page numbers you need to print off. If you prefer, then you can get the planner printed out at a local print shop - and if you want to do this I have added a print release form to the PRINTING HELP section in your planner purchase so there will be no issue with printing them out. (Please note that colours may vary slightly depending on printer settings)
How long do I have access to the planner?
How does lifetime access sound? After buying, you have unlimited access for as long as you like (and as long as the Planner is available) - across any and all devices you own. If I ever add anything / update the planner - then you will get access to these changes as well. Once you've bought it, it's yours!
What if I am unhappy with the Planner?
Due to it being a digital product with immediate download, I do not offer a refund, but I want you to be completely satisfied with your planner, so please contact me with any questions / issues you may have as I am more than happy to help (before or after purchase). There is loads of information and pictures of the planner on this page - and what you see is what you get, so there should be no surprises at all.
How much does this planner cost?
The planner is £15 (GBP), but please note that you will be charged any applicable VAT based on your location when you reach checkout.
What if I need extra support to get Christmas planned properly?
I've got the answer! From customer feedback, having some motivation and staying on track was a key difficulty - and so I have produced the Christmas:Sorted! bundle - which includes this planner but ALSO contains a Private Facebook group AND weekly emails from me - as much support and help as possible. You can take a look at this on my shop page, and if you want more support then this would be a better fit than buying just the planner.