Clutter: Sorted! - eBook

Are you ready to take your home from CHAOS to CALM? - You're in exactly the right place!

As the years are going by - things are getting cheaper - lives are getting busier - and our homes are getting more and more cluttered.

It's no wonder we struggle with getting (& keeping) things under control.

The answer? - DECLUTTERING.

Not just going through your home and getting rid of obvious rubbish, but instead a really deep cleanse of the things in your home that don't belong there any longer.

When you declutter in this way - then you will see a huge transformation in your home and your life.

This eBook will teach you all the secrets, and make it easy for you to succeed.

You will be able to simply follow along with each step so you won't get too overwhelmed. and you will stay motivated along the way with extra help and support.

It will take all the guesswork out of what can be a very daunting task, and before you know it you'll have transformed your home from chaos to clutter free!

Sounds good, doesn't it!


"I’ve struggled for years to organise my home and now I can see where I was going wrong! I’ve been randomly trying to declutter and organise the whole house at once…and not surprisingly getting totally overwhelmed in the process and then inevitably giving up….but this system has given me hope that I can achieve the calm and organised home I dream of…I just need to do it one step at a time!"

- Declutter System Feedback, via email

Conquer your home, once and for all...

The truth is - you can't afford to let your home continue to get cluttered anymore.

It's costing you time and money - not to mention the stress of living with the constant clutter on a day to day basis.

It's draining.... but decluttering can create a really positive change - totally transforming how you feel about your home - for the better!

Even if you've tried decluttering before and it's gone wrong, you just haven't found the right system yet - and that's where Clutter:Sorted! comes in.

So, start right now and take your home from Chaos to Calm - the easy way!

Think how fantastic you'll feel when you've finished....

Get started now!

Take a second to imagine this...

You walk through your front door after you get back from being out all day, but instead of your heart sinking at what you see...you smile to yourself.

There are no piles of laundry/paper/stuff lying there waiting for you...

There is space to put your coat and bag(s).

.... and the house feels really welcoming.

You can actually relax!

  • All those piles? Gone from your life.
  • Stressing about things you need for the morning, but aren't able to find? No more.
  • Needing to spend hours sorting things out before you can even think about cleaning the house, or having an early night? Nope.

Why? because you will have sorted everything out, once and for all!

  • Your home life will be calmer.
  • You will be spending less time on chores (because there will be less to clean, less to maintain, less to tidy etc...)
  • There will be more time for the things that you love
  • You will have a plan specifically for your own home, and by using that plan things will stay clutter free more easily
  • You will know what clutter is - and how to stop it coming in

And the best thing?

Once you've decluttered properly - with a system that works - you will be able to more easily maintain it, and not go back to a cluttered home again.

...you finally cracked it!

So - what are you waiting for?! - Let's do this!


Clear Clutter: Make Space for YOU...

{ Magdelena Vandenberg }

Here's what you get...

This is the eBook only version of Clutter:Sorted. You get: -

        • The full 192 page pdf document going through the full declutter process for every are of your home that you can download and read / print off.
        • incl. a 50+ page Workbook in the Appendix so you can track your progress


Clutter: Sorted is also available in eCourse format, if you prefer to have lots of support / motivation & accountability throughout.

In the eCourse there is a private Facebook group, emails and much more included (as well as a copy of the eBook) - so if you think you would work best with the course format instead, please click HERE.

Get started now!


"Your fantastic advice has really helped with the house..... thank you"

- Past Declutter Client, via email

Is Clutter: Sorted! - the eBook - right for you?

I want this to truly make a difference for you - so if any of the following describe you, then it's absolutely right for you!: -

  • You're feeling out of control in your home, and can't relax
  • There are so many piles in the house that you don't know where to start
  • You have tried decluttering before, but never finished because you got overwhelmed
  • You want to have less in your home to deal with
  • You are not happy with your home. It's not visibly cluttered but needs a really good sort out through all the cupboards and drawers - but you don't know where to tackle first
  • You like to work through things at your own pace, and don't need extra support to get things done.

BUT - this eBook is NOT for you if: -

  • You don't want to do the work to achieve these amazing results.
  • You need help and support to declutter. If you prefer to have a professional in your home taking you through everything, then please do so. We are all different, and we like to do things a certain way. People who work well by themselves will love the eBook, people who like a level of support and guidance will get on well with this eCourse (CLICK HERE for more details of this), and hands on help is best for others. Only you know what will work best for you.


Clutter: Sorted is also available in eCourse format, if you prefer to have lots of support / motivation & accountability throughout.

There is a private Facebook group, emails and much more included (as well as a copy of the eBook) - so if you think you would work best with the course format instead, please click HERE.

Creator of this product...

Chrissy Halton
Chrissy Halton

Hi! - I'm Chrissy and I help people learn to simplify life at home through my blog (OrganiseMyHouse.com), Printables and Courses.

I have always had a passion for making the most out of homes, and in 2005 I took the plunge and started working for myself as a professional organiser and home stylist.

Wanting to reach as many people as possible with tips and advice, I started blogging in 2011. My blog is a place where I share everything I've learned over the years, and I'm so pleased that I've been able to help tens of thousands of people along the way. Nothing could be more rewarding!

Writing eBooks and courses is my way of helping you in much greater detail than a blog would allow. In fact, it's the next best thing to hiring me as a professional into your home. The aim is to take you step by step through the process - so you succeed - and I can't wait to start the journey with you...

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this start and finish?
The eBook is available to download as soon as you purchase - and you can start and finish when you like. The eBook format consists of some prep work, then a 20 week declutter, then some info on maintaining your clutter free home - but there is no reason that the 20 week declutter can't take you longer if you prefer. The beauty of the eBook is that you can work at your own pace.
How long do I have access for?
How does lifetime access sound? After purchasing either the eBook, you will have unlimited access for as long as you like. You will also have access to any updated eBooks if they are ever required.
What if I am unhappy with my purchase?
I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 30 days and I will give you a full refund.
How much time will this take me each week?
To be totally honest, this is a hard one to answer, because everyone and every home is different. It really depends on the level of clutter you have and how quickly you work through things as to how long it takes. It's worth mentioning that as you go through the process you will find yourself able to make decisions more quickly and you should feel more progress as a result - which is always a bonus!. The more time you can give each week, the more quickly you will be able to complete it.
What if I need more support?
Then you are in the right place! - Clutter:Sorted has an eCourse version for those people wanting extra support and community feel of being "in this together". The eCourse is available in my teachable shop as well so please take a look if you feel this would be a better fit for you (https://organisemyhouse.teachable.com/p/clutter-sorted-ecourse)
How do I print the eBook out?
The eBook is formatted to print out on both sides of the paper - this gives it the best look and feel and stops it being too bulky (or wasting paper). Simply set your printer to print on both sides (this is sometimes called duplex printing). If your printer doesn't have this setting, then I would suggest getting it printed at a local print shop for the best overall look. (I have included a Print release form for you to take to show that you have permission to print it off). (Please note that colours may vary slightly depending on printer settings)

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